Worth a Read: Australians Have More Fun

Relax everyone, her Twitter handle alone suggests she’s more than qualified to write on behalf of {at least} her own opinion: Bari Weiss, Staff editor and writer @nytopinion. Might want to read that line again Aussies. Ms. Weiss is a writer and editor in the Opinion section at The New York Times.

So there’s just no need to get your thongs in a knot over her opinion piece titled Australians Have More Fun, now is there?

Apparently a line from the article which stated; “Australians are also, mercifully, not in the midst of a raging culture war.” warranted a flurry of ‘tweeted’ concern by that percentage of the Aussie population who aren’t at the beach today.

Straya mate

One might presume that the raging debate between those three Tweeters could be fashioned from the fact that we’ve turned over five Prime Ministers in as many years (who’s counting though aye?) and have far right extremists challenging the apparent “all-Sudanese” gang related crimes across Melbourne – but I choose to put on my cozzie and slap on the sunscreen and mozzie repellent, head down to the beach and instead pay respect to the happy-go-lucky tone in which Ms. Weiss meant for it to be read.

She’s not fact checking in the history section of the NSW Library (anyone ever been?), but rather penning a dear diary style observation of her time in Australia, and I for one, agree with the generalisation of it. Ironically, it’s bloody Australian mate.

One of the things that did resonate with me however was the mention of our Tall Poppy Syndrome. Does this hold us back or does it ensure we retain our world renowned ‘She’ll be right, mate’ laidback-ness title?

Our history does in fact show we come from a long line of entrepreneurs and risk takers. Explorers and loveable larrikins. It’s a shame we don’t support ourselves (and each other), as a friend recently pointed out.

It brings me to beg the question, would becoming a republic and forging our own identity relieve us of this syndrome or would we lose the very essence, that so called ‘X-Factor’ that might be setting us apart from the rest, as this article so kindly points out.

Worth a thought.

What do you think?


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