AnSo & Tano

Last week, I spent a rainy afternoon with the owners and founders of Bondi art-space Le Petit Bateau. Read a full account of my time at the gallery and garage in my previous post, Meeting the founders of Bondi’s boho space, Le Petit Bateau.
During my time there, I was lucky enough to get in a quick one-on-one interview with founder AnSo; talking life and inspirations by the water, favourite artist/s and what to expect at their upcoming festival, Le Petit Festival 
Why start Le Petit Bateau?
Because it was my dream and it is a project that I started to write down for my essay at the university.
Why Bondi?
I arrived in Bondi 3 years ago and there I felt in love with the sea and an Italian boy !  now I call Bondi “Home”, I am now a part of the Bubble
Bateau? Is this due to a love of boats and water?/sailing?
We decided to call it Le Petit Bateau for our love of Sailing Boat and we say it in french because it’s so cute to listen the different accent when people try to say it.
What’s special about Le Petit Bateau?
Le Petit Bateau is a bubble in the bubble, but we are open to everyone ! There, we share our passion for art and culture by simple things like exhibition, jam session, performances, workshop.
Using just 5 words, what can we expect at the Le Petit Festival?
Artwork, live music, art performance, boats,  pop up restaurant
Do you have a favourite artist? (local or international, living or dead)
My favourite artist is Edgar Degas. This artist used to paint the ballet dancer at the Opera House in Paris, I love the way he used the colour and how he interpreted the movement. I studied dance during many years and this is a big passion for me.
Plans for the future?
Our plans is to bring Le Petit Bateau project into a real boat, going around different countries, looking for artists with different culture and promote them through events and exhibition.
Your style in 5 words?
Familial , eclectic , precise , bohem , frenchy
Life motto?
“Sharing our culture is the beginning of creativity”
Final thoughts?…..
We are looking for a bigger space !!!! any help, ideas are welcome !