The man from brunch

I met a young man this morning at breakfast. He must have been late 30s-early 40s. He’s a tradie and was working on the bar’s roof, trying to fix a small leakage problem.  

I noticed he had a bandage that covered his entire leg. No big deal. People have injuries all the time. As he was working, I also noticed he would need to adjust the bandage as it slipped. He apologised to me in fear that it might be bothering me.

I thought how strange for him to think that it might bother me. Why would it bother me?

I saw that he was wearing a bracelet around his wrist with the word ‘Slurpee’ written on it. I joked and said, “does that mean you get free slurpees for life”? He laughed and said, “No. If I manage to go 6 months without breaking this bracelet, then the boss is going to give me 6months off with full pay”. I said, ‘Wow, what a generous boss!”. 

The owner of the bar then chimed in and said: “Yeah but he has to give you that time off!”

He said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m losing a leg. They both laughed. 

I continued chatting to him and noted that he apologised again, this time for being ‘a little out of it today’. 

I soon discovered that his bandage wasn’t from an injury at all, but rather, from the tumour on his leg. And his ‘little out of it today’ is probably because he had a round of chemotherapy – yesterday. 

This man has had liver cancer twice, only to have it now reappear as a tumour on his leg. He is working right up until his surgery in 6 weeks time – when his leg will be amputated. 

I was completely blown away by his humble nature, positive attitude and perspective on life. He casually mentioned his soon-t0-be leg amputation like he was mentioning the weather. 

My point is this: the human mind is the most malleable thing in creation, and a change in perspective will change your life. 

I’m thankful for his morning reminder that life is wonderful: trying at times, but short. Find the people that inspire you and don’t let them go. Create your own little world of positive energy.

xx Happy Saturday to the humans of Sydney xx