Stylist And The City came from humble beginnings; emerging from the perfect storm of fashion student and 2009’s explosion of the blogger.

S&TC journaled my work as an Australian fashion stylist living in London.
Followers gained access to Fashion Week, exclusive events, product launches, and behind the scenes footage with timely posts and social media commentary.

S&TC is now an online portfolio: a place you’ll find a selection of my client work, as well as a plethora of opinions, ideas, reviews, articles, and personal musings.

Today, I work as a Content designer: shaping the content that will connect people (you!) with products and services.

With the help of a wider team, I look at any user research trends that aid in understanding the various needs of a user throughout their product or service journey.

From there, I can determine what content will achieve both a client’s business objective and respond to a user’s evolving content needs.

Want people to engage with your product or service? Ask me how.

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