What I’ve Learnt in my Birthday Month

I’ve learnt three new things since I turned 31 at the beginning of this month. In truth, I’ve probably learnt more than three things (one hopes), but I’ve managed to narrow it down to three things that have a direct impact on my life moving forward:


1. there are ‘best’ and ‘worst’ times to drink coffee.


Learning number 1. is very important. Now that I’m back amongst Sydneyites, coffee has increasingly triumphed over my intake of alcohol. In fact, the amount of coffee we consume here is teetering on ridiculous. A local coffee shop of mine, Chapter One Coffee and Wine Room actually opens at 6.30am. And its great coffee. Trying to find a decent coffee in London earlier than 8.30am was always a definite struggle. But, if I’m wrong and a reader out there wants to correct me then please do – but I’ll want names, and I’ll want opening times!

I’m up early here. Very early. And so is everyone else. And we want our coffee early.

I read just a few moments ago on BBC News, Features & Analysis, that there are indeed, best and worst times to drink that steamy cuppa. The best time is about an hour after waking up, regardless of the time, but the worst times are between 8-9am (which is the vast majority of us), 12-13.00 (apparently you shouldn’t have a lunchtime tipple), and 17.30-18.30 (this one being far more achievable for those of us who don’t work crazy shift hours).

In summary: I should have my coffee following my morning workout – if all done and dusted before 8am, otherwise I must run dry (or heaven forbid drink water), until 9.01am!

Hmmm …. it’s almost sacrilegious.


2. the healthier you are, the worse you feel.


Let me explain.

My body took a good battering during my seven year London run. I literally did little to no exercise for the entirety I was there. I drank like a fish (trust me it’s everyone and everywhere), and I spent an enormously unhealthy amount of time in the damp darkness of the underground world (either between clubs or on the underground’s ‘tube’). But, I was never sick. I had no time to be sick. My body appeared to have built up some time of super-coping mechanism where I never tired or even felt ill.

That’s all changed now that I have the return of a somewhat fit and healthy lifestyle. Apparently injecting your body with vitamins, minerals and returning to exercise and movement – means it no longer likes alcohol and sitting.

In summary: My body has woken from a coma and it doesn’t like what it sees. My hangovers go on for days, and when I eat badly – it lets me know about it.


3. the average person reaches job contentment at the age of 32, after an average of three job moves.


I’ve had countless job moves, countless setbacks and countless indecisiveness throughout my working life. According to this though, all will be grand and office angst will dissolve within the year, so on my 32nd birthday you might find me emerging from the rubble of the fight, like some kind of fabulous phoenix, rising high amongst rainbows, colours and fairydust.

In summary: Forget everything you have just read. Buy a coffee at 8.30am, down a pill to ward off your splitting hangover – and tell your boss to beat it.