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Blurring the lines of gender defined dressing has never been a problem for those women amongst us inclined to change it up a little and leave our dresses hanging in the closet.

Whether you’re a tomboy like Kristen Stewart in your boyfriend’s Tee or leather jacket, or a glamorous woman in search of endless chic who knows how to rock a tux to show up any A-list leading gentleman like Angelina Jolie – we women are not short on outfit options.

The ‘boy friend cut’ is now as popular as the skinny fit jean, and despite brands catering to our desire to disregard gender boundaries when it comes to our clothes – with oversized tops, baggy hoodies and even braces for girls (as sported by Nicole Richie in Chanel this week) – it is still common to see women browsing the men’s section for themselves instead of their other halves.

But what about the guys? Yes they can buy ‘man bags’, more jewelry than you have body parts to wear them on and there was that time David Beckham wore a sarong – but that still feels a little limited.


Enter Jared Leto at the Chanel couture show on Tuesday, dressed by the iconic fashion house of course, but rocking their womenswear. Leto looked amazing, and not in the way that he did when he worked his character’s outfits in the award winning Dallas Buyers Club. Looking manly and standing out from the crowd – Leto took a chance and it paid off.

Although women have long embraced gender neutral dressing, for men to reciprocate has been slower to take off – but the dawn of a new day could finally be upon us.

Men feeling comfortable enough in their own skin to wear whatever they want – no matter who it was designed for – could be the new movement for AW14 on our high-street. Celebrities including Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Lil Wayne have all been championing the trend recently, and if anyone can start a high street revolution it is Harry Styles – who was spotted sporting a heart print shirt a couple of months ago that was subsequently worn in similar style by both Victoria Beckham and Elle Fanning on the cover of Vogue Australia.

Boys – I salute you! Wear whatever you want – as long as it doesn’t come out of my closet…I might be ready to borrow yours, but I’m not sure I’m ready to share mine!

R x