That Hula Hoop Bag

So the fashion world ooed and ahhed over that architectural modernism of wind turbines (or whatever he’s calling it) – the new Chanel bag.

The enormous handbag was unveiled at the SS2013 Paris catwalk show; carried along by a six feet tall leggy stick figured creature, slash, model. She was wearing a swimming costume, which for the record, is the natural choice of attire for a giant bag resting on two hula hoops.

I posted the photo on my Facebook page to gauge the opinion of my followers. “fashion or fail?” I mused. On considering all angles – it appears to be a fail. My Mum even pointed out that with her modest five feet stature, the Hula Hoop bag would be wearing her and even further to the point, it’d be more than just an inconvenience after the umpteenth time she’d fall over its um….handles?

According to the website Luxury Launches; the bag, which hasn’t been priced yet, is “ideal for the fashionista who is not content with simply carrying a canvas tote to the beach or pool. Experts predict that while the giant bag maybe impractical for shoppers, the miniature versions will fly off the racks in no time”.

Impractical? I won’t hear of it!

You have to wonder if Ryanair would consider the Chanel solar inspired bag as a carry-on? It’s almost worth buying it just to have the argument.

My mind wandered to visuals of myself strolling down Bondi Beach (assuming I’d got the thing through customs) and being admired by onlookers. They would stop, stare, point and smile. They want that bag too, right?

The most honest answer to that is no. Unfortunately even years of fannying and fashioning about London doesn’t equip me the credentials to pull off a comical piece like this and look effortlessly cool whilst doing it. It’d be safer to say I’d look more tragique’ than chic.

So who CAN work this bag into their lives and wardrobes? I made a list:

1. Anna Dello Russo
2. Daphne Guinness
3. Mary Kate Olsen

Eccentric stylist and Nippon Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo is the obvious choice here – it’s just a shame a cheaper version (let’s just assume it’s not the average paycheck kinda bag) didn’t make it in time to join the collection of her recent collaboration with H&M or we could all have some bling’in fabulous hula hoops. Enough to go round.

Daphne Guinness is another who could make the cool grade. Her black and white Cruella De ville look could quite comfortably swallow the extremities of the bag itself. One wouldn’t be entirely to blame for not seeing where Daphne started and the bag ended. It would be a monochrome, magic-eyed genius.

The only other person I can see really making the Hula-Hoop bag-look work is queen of the quirks. That homeless-looking girl (she’s the billionaire with the giant accessories); that all American twin Mary-Kate Olsen.

Of course a lot of the illusion over her accessorising en max is that she’s around four feet high, making everything look larger than life by comparison. This aside (and the handle-trip issues she, along with my mum would face), she’d make it work.

So there you have it. There are exactly three people on this earth that King Karl was designing for with his sure to be imfamous Hula Hoop bag. I always knew he was a man of the people.

What are your thoughts on the bag? Do you love or loathe it?

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