I caught up with model and signer Cheyenne Tozzi to talk fashion, style, fave bloggers and why icons are a thing of the past….

You have to admire a girl who looks at a question about style icons and answers in what I can only visualise to be (the interview was cross country) with a carefree smile and a nonchalant thought process that goes something along the lines of ‘icons’? Huh?

What is an icon anyway?

I’d have to agree with Cheyenne. The term icon becomes obsolete in a modern digital age where imagery is a mere click away and the world is literally at our fingertips. If we want to be inspired, we only need to look around. Ordinary people are our inspiration, even for internationally successful Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi.

There were a few reasons I wanted to interview Cheyenne. She’s ambitious (like me), Australian (like me), well travelled (wishfully me) and comes from a family of models and singers (definitely unlike me).

What’s even more interesting for me though is her ability to remain grounded and well, normal. She likes relaxing on her boyfriend’s farm? Not something you’d usually associate with a high flying model and face of Modelco. But of course, Cheyenne is no ordinary girl….even if she looks to them for style advice….

Where do you currently call home – are you based in NYC or Spain?
Home for the past 8 months has been Barcelona, Spain and prior to that I was based in NYC for 6 years.

Is there a place you can escape to and feel most at home and relaxed?
Spending time at Tyson’s farm is my escape. I go there to relax and work on my music and it’s nice to be out of the country for a while.

Can you describe your personal style?
I’d like to think of myself as fashion forward. I prefer a more classic style rather than trying to keep up with trends. I aim for a sharp yet relaxed look all at once – Parisian style is my inspiration.

Do you have any style icons?

I feel like having a style icon is a thing of the past, particularly with the rise in popularity in street style photography it’s hard to focus on one person when everyday someone new and fabulous pops up. The girls that feature on street style would have to be my style icons. From the Editors to the girls who just have exceptional style. These are the girls I look to for inspiration and styling tips.

Do you have any favourite designers?

It’s a very long list! Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Preen, Christian Louboutin, Rachel Gilbert, Levi’s, Converse, Gucci, Sass & Bide, Peter Pilotto, IRO, Maje, Sandro, Joseph, Josh Goot, ksubi. The list could continue on for pages and as you can see as much as I love my European and American designers I always find myself coming back to my fav Australian brands.

You’re the new face of Modelco. How did that come about?
Yes I’m the face of Modelco super tan, which is super exciting as I truly do love and believe in the product – I’ve used it for years! I was introduced to Shelley Barrett, the Director and founder of Modelco a while ago and that’s what got the ball rolling.

What’s your favourite part of modelling and what’s the worst?
I’ve modelled since I was a little girl so it’s really the only way of life I know. Being a model has given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet some truly amazing and talented people and I guess the downside to that is I don’t get to spend as much time with family as I’d like to. That said I do come home as often as I can so I’m really very lucky.

You’re famously being dubbed the ‘IT’ girl with the ‘IT’ lifestyle, but how much of it is real and how much of it is just plain ol work and media hype?
I can only tell you I have worked and continue to work really hard to get to where I am today and it just so happens that the careers I’m pursuing in both modelling and music entail a lot of travelling and attending functions to help promote my brand.

I actually met you at a party a few years back and you were lovely. Considering your crazy lifestyle – what keeps you so grounded?
Family, friends and the great team of people I work with on a daily basis.

Are the majority of your friends in the fashion industry as well?
My friends are a bunch of very talented people from a broad spectrum of industries.

You come from a family of models and singers and you’ve just debuted your first single. Are you writing your own songs? Where does the inspiration come from?

Yes I’ve grown up with many musical influences in my life and have been writing songs for many years collaborating with some great musicians along the way so it’s great to finally be releasing my own track with my band Vanhorn. My musical inspiration comes from everything I do and all of my experiences.

Is music something you’d like to dedicate more time to in the future? Does it come naturally to you?

Yes, my focus at the moment is on pursuing my music career. Like I said I’ve grown up surrounded by music so I do feel it’s a natural part of me and who I am.

I have to ask as everyone wants to know how you stay in such good shape….do you have a strict diet and exercise regime. Any tricks you can let us mere mortals in on? 😉
I am a strong believer in creating balance and enjoying life. I do a lot of running and yoga to stay in shape and try to eat as healthily as possible. I try to stick to proteins and a lot of vegetables and try to avoid carbohydrates when I can. However, I do have a big sweet tooth so chocolate and frozen cokes are also a must!!

Do you read any blogs? If so, which ones?
I love blogs and think in my line of work it’s important to be up to date in the blogging world as bloggers have become really influential in the fashion industry, particularly in the last year. A few of my favs are The Intersection, Paddington blog which keeps me updated on Australian fashion, Style By Kling is another great read by a Swedish blogger Elin Kling. The Man Repeller and Tales of Endearment are also fab ones for style inspiration. Tommy Ton is also great for all of his street style snaps.

Are there any exciting new projects coming up you can spill the beans on…..?!
The release of my band, Vanhoorn’s first single and album later in the year is the most exciting project I’m working on to date!

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