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Several boxes and several resolutions. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today I have been trying to pack 7 years of my London life into neat and tidy ‘marked’ boxes. Not so easy it seems. The irony of doing this right before a new year strikes has not passed me by either. 

I have decided to set sail for Sydney (my boxes will sail before me) and refresh, renew and re-energise for 2014. Stylist And The City will remain and be back bigger and better with an international presence which I hope will incorporate Asia-Pacific, Asia – and Europe. Time will tell how I manage this…. 

I was aware as I packed my boxes that once I saw my room all masking taped up into cardboard sections of my European existence that I may get a little teary-eyed. Wrong. Wrong because I didn’t quite make it that far. You see, I discovered my old swimming quote/motivation book. One which I created when I was around 10 years old. The book is filled with some of the greatest teachers of our time, including the late Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X and of course a smattering of swimming coaches and swimmers themselves. 

One of the pages in particular stood out for me at this particular time in my life. It read: “Focus on the process, not the outcome”. Seems its been ingrained into my psyche for many years. In such a fast city such as London (or indeed Sydney as well) it can be hard to drown out the noise and focus on yourself and where you are and where you want to be. I’m reclaiming my time, my space and my energy. 

I’m thankful for the motivational coaches I’ve had throughout my swimming days – one of which taught us to focus on processes rather than outcomes. It makes sense doesn’t it? The result of a process is the outcome. How will the outcome be achieved if you focus on it alone? what’s fuelling this outcome you’re wanting to see?

2014 is a brand new year and a time for reflection, as well as looking forward to the future. If you’re yet to make a resolution or don’t know where to turn for the right direction, just slow it down. Resolutions to simply “lose weight”  or get a job that “earns more money” are not liberating, different or always achievable on their own. Why not own the process this year? 

TED has offered up a selection of inspiring resolutions for you so have a read and let them be a spring-board to Jan 1. 

What are your goals and will you stop to just enjoy the process of reaching them?




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