SEMON Cashmere a/w 09

The evening of Sunday the 8th of March saw me at the newly opened Cresent Club in West Kensington to style the latest collection by friend and incredibly hard-working London based designer Semka Dashnyam. Not only does she choose all materials herself, but also determines the authenticity of the Mongolian wool she uses by sourcing directly out of China. It is never easy to introduce Asian designs to a mostly European market but the show was by all accounts a great success and will no doubt propel future lines. It was hard work but also enormous fun and backstage was a whole lot of chatter about home (4 of the models were Australian girls). A big thank you has to go to the Cresent Club and to Ambassador Bulgaa Altangerel of Mongolia – who was in attendance to support the event. The wool trade is a precious resource for the country so it was nice to see the Ambassador out in force during the biggest week of the year on the Mongolian calendar. The 8th of March is a celebration of women. I like that idea…it also explained why everyone was happy and ready to party! I have included some behind the scenes shots using my very blurry bberry but hope to provide professional pics once I receive them from the photographers.
SEMON is a London based company which designs and manufactures 100% pure cashmere garments and accessories.