Precinct 75

My disdain for the chain. Anyone who knows me, knows it.

My avoidance of Starfucks, and anything else resembling the likes of those giant, average, over-priced (yet generically certain and plastic) enterprises, is becoming, rather ironically, my own kind of generic certainty.

I like to support the local, independent, and more often that not, slightly crazy small businesses that have heart, skill, swag, charm and sex appeal. Precinct 75, I discovered at the weekend; was awash with pockets of just that.

For those who haven’t been, Precinct 75 is a creative precinct comprising 12 character buildings in Sydney’s St Peters. Some of the character you’ll find across the many studios is down to the activities which involve drinking beer and wine, and then having a good go at throwing an axe…(and yes, I did mean to write it in that order).

The space is vibrant, bustling yet mellow, tasteful yet eclectic, well considered yet strewn together. All in all its the perfect Saturday.

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