Hong Kong

For such a small island it packs quite a big punch. Things have been hectic for me of late, and my adventures in Hong Kong are just the tip of an ever present iceberg. 

After finishing a 6 month contract working with the digital team on the new Service NSW transaction digitalisation, I took myself off to experience my very first taste of Asia (..ever). I had yet to travel to an Asian country (or even city for that matter) until a few weeks ago when I visited Hong Kong.

It’s been a long time in the making. Part of my reasons for leaving London last year was to remain open to opportunities everywhere (not just in Europe, the UK and Australia) but to instead really begin to understand some of the world’s faster growing markets and economies – namely, China. 

I’ve been doing my research. Many of today’s biggest and most progressive companies are setting up shop in Mainland China. The land is cheaper, supplies and manufacturing are close-by and the government are spending on enterprise. It’s not all roses though. China has long lacked a distinct culture (since communism has ruled and despite a rich history) and innovation moved elsewhere for years. Is that changing? Is innovation returning to China? Are they reclaiming their innovative roots? are they re-inventing toilet paper…., so to speak.””

On visiting Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to be put in touch with a Hong Kong native who was able to educate me on the ongoing battles within the Chinese culture; particularly between the Hong Kong people and those on the mainland. Call a Hong Kong person ‘Chinese’ at your own peril, for example. 

Many Hong Kong people believe that business has shifted away from Hong Kong, including finance, for the last 2 years ”at least”’ – which was very interesting to me because the reason given is apparently due to the Chinese take-back – which is now over 17 years ago. So why are they losing pace now?

The next few years will be telling and it may reveal itself, but could the shift be due to the mainland? 

The world will watch as the money continues to flow in China but the question remains, can China’s exports ever match their imports? can they transition from a manufacturing hub to be a creative hub? 

For the now, I will reflect on my epic adventures in Hong Kong – which is easily one of the best cities I’ve visited. Period. I summed up my time there with a top 10: 


1. Start with 1 gal.
2. Mix in chicken feet, thousand year old eggs, enough dim sum to feed mainland China, the spiciest food I’ve ever tried (Vindaloo included) and a 450 million year old ‘Horseshoe crab’.
3. Add random trip to unknown mountain at 1am with HK local (it gets way higher and more beautiful than Victoria Peak!!).!!!
4. Stir in a job interview (where I also learned a great deal about the market and economy)
5. Jump a smoggy cable car to the BIG BUDDHA with the newly met Germans (are they everywhere???) –  after being blessed at Man Mo Temple
6. Throw in an unplanned meet-up with an old London mate
7. Continue to stir with a host of new found friends. One of which was of course Aussie, from Manly – and nice enough to give me his cab when I was an exhausted mess … 
8. Sprinkle the memories that only come from ‘those night’s out’ ::: and naturally, the cocktails at the highest bar in the world.
9. Prepare and serve
10. Store left-overs for a definite re-run.


Hong Kong Stylist And The City