Nick Cave: UNTIL

“Until is about the urgency I feel as an artist, as an African American, as a citizen of the United States of America, and as a resident of Chicago, Illinois.

All too often, we are faced with a history that keeps repeating, one in which gun violence pervades our streets in the hands of both civilians and law enforcement. This abuse of power – and of gun control laws – leads to far too many eulogies of African Americans on the news and in our hearts.

But Until is also about how, in these moments of mourning, it is up to the community to come together and to support one another, to try and overcome, to offer solutions.”



The Kinetic Spinner Forest consists of 1,800 hanging mobiles made from metallic spinning garden ornaments. On close inspection, these seemingly playful objects have at their centre the shape of a teardrop, bullet or hand-gun. The initial enchantment of the forest is ruptured by the pointed reminder of the omnipresent and polarising position that guns occupy in American culture.

Nick Cave: Until November 23 2018 – March 3 2019 Carriageworks

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