MTV Awards

I think I had my glamorous sweats on when they called. I know I’d been in the pool that day. My memory becomes a little foggy when I’m given an assortment of epic news and the part of my brain which controls remaining calm, nonchalant and unemotional – usually completely breaks down and I’m reduced instead, to the human equivalent of an overzealous dog that’s seen the partly opened door and the hanging lead on the hook next to it.

It’s particularly fortunate for me then that Tanya and Megan are not – overzealous excitable animals, that is (maybe after our Windows dinner) – but definitely not when the call was placed.

“Hi Anne, its Megan. Your fellow Aussie. We were wondering if you’d like to be a guest of Windows 8 and 3 Monkey’s Communications and attend the 19th EMA MTV Music Awards in Frankfurt. Heidi Klum is hosting. I believe Fun, Muse and Alicia Keys (complete with a rumoured hot new bob cut) are performing. There may be some Gangnam styling involved, a German feast and an incredible programme of artists. We leave Sunday morning. Are you in?”

I nod.

“I’m nodding, I say. Oh and tell Psy I’m on my way”.

We all arrived at the Movenpick Hotel for 13.30 Frankfurt time and settled into our suites. There were around 12 of us in total, including feature editors, the Windows 8 team and some enthusiastic competition winners. I said my good-byes to everyone as I promptly ignored any advice to rest up – happily and knowingly making a rookie decision ahead of such a jam-packed evening.

I Gangnam styled my way through the day and made it to meet all back at the hotel for 17.16. Outfit styled, hats’ secured and makeup checked; my German efficiency was in full swing.

A quick drink was the order of play next as we listened to Rob from Windows run through the best features of the new Windows Surface. I attended a Windows 8 private dinner a few night’s beforehand that explained the features in more detail. A post worthy of its own space, both for the stomach and for your tablets.

On a stylist’s inspection, the girls’ were dressed in their finery (for me that meant balancing 3 headpieces) for them, it meant ridiculously high heels and already sore feet but all in all, we were ready to hit the ground running.

On with the feast and then on to the venue. We practically skipped through it all. We were totally overdressed and as a result were not so subtlety pointed and gawked at and yet somehow, we were most perfectly at home in our newly found traditional family German food ‘haus’

We were greeted by screaming German fans as we arrived at our VIP section entrance of the official EMA MTV Awards venue at the Festhalle around 20.13. I was smug for all of a minute and nearly that overzealous emotionally charged show pony I mentioned earlier until I realised that of course, they were screaming for one of the acts. Likely one of the amazing artists on the very ambitious performance line-up that included the likes of Pitbull, Fun, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, No Doubt, Muse, Alicia Keys,The Killers and of course the crowd favourite, Psy.

Once we got to our seats it was a beautiful crowd and no time was wasted in getting up, dancing and showcasing our love for Muse, placing bets on Gwen Stefani’s hotness remaining in years to come (the possibility is high in my book) and our well-timed and brilliantly choreographed rendition of Gangnam style. We were truly the best in show – until of course, we found our way to Psy’s dancers and learnt a few tips on wig wearing and pose pulling. Apparently we all have much to learn.

Learn we did. By the time the after party had rolled around, we were all executing moves worthy of a back-up dancing slot in an army of pastel blue suits. There may be a video or two floating around.

Favourite part of the night?

Getting out from the venue in the early hours of the morning with those of us still standing and feeling exhausted, smiling, holding shoes and completely unaware of where we were, then turning around and seeing the hotel’s blinking lights and that lightbulb realisation that it is indeed within walking distance.


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