Festival talk: UK style

If there’s something that we Brits know how to do really well – apart from afternoon tea, sporting events on grass and queuing politely – it’s throwing a fantastic summer festival and looking pretty good whilst doing it too. The UK has been leading the wild and wonderful summer music festival scene since the 1960s, but it’s only been in the last decade that the phenomenon of festival style has really taken off.

What was originally a weekend of sporadic personal hygiene, practical coats, and huge profit for the companies that produce dry shampoo, is now a grassy catwalk set to the tune of live music with bottles of cider as accessories and the whole world watching through Instagram. Wellies worn to tackle the aftermath of a typical English ‘summer storm’ now have to be Hunters, hats worn to cover up un-brushed locks have been replaced with beaded head chains or (sometimes grotesque) flower headdresses, and the sunglasses we used, both to keep the sun out – and hide the bags under our eyes from late night dancing and sleeping under canvas, are now a unique fashion statement of their own.
So these days there is no better (or more entertaining) way to snap ‘street’ style than at a festival, where everyone’s fashion sense becomes that bit more self expressive, and the outfits are full of originality and flair.
We stopped by the boutique, one-day festival affair that is Citadel in East London to capture music and art loving couples enjoying a laid back Sunday afternoon with a difference. Created by the same good time loving people behind Wilderness festival, Citadel is a celebration of everything we love about a sunny Sunday afternoon – great food, great music, and great company. The creators said they wanted
to see, “the city come together to take a collective breath” at the festival. This more relaxed approach to what is usual a boozy, exhausting – if not exhilarating – experience at a UK festival is refreshing, and it works. Goons at the ready readers, the next festival and this summer ready style is just around the corner…
Rachael K Martin
UK Editor
Instagram: rachaelkimi