The Bondi Wanker

The Bondi Wanker.

Eastern Suburbs Wanker in Sydney. I enjoy skinny lattes, run a start up and drive a Range Rover.

Twitter @thebondiwanker



As it turns out, Bondi’s biggest wanker isn’t found sans shirt on the Bondi to Bronte run. He can be found in his office job – or on his instagram –

Yes. I can now reveal (as we‘ve really always known) that Bondi’s biggest wanker is indeed a ‘he’.

I found the instagram account of @TheBondiWanker by accident. I think I was on the bus (not in a Range Rover*) and I think I laughed out loud. 

The Bondi Wanker is an Instagram and Twitter only’ -tongue-in-cheek-, self-deprecating and satirical humour based on the people and nuances that make up what is arguably Sydney’s most famous neighbourhood, Bondi.

I feel like the right person to be writing about this; born and raised in Bondi: I’m an original, proper ‘old-school’ Bondi Beach local.

And???….what does that mean?

In short, nothing. It means nothing at all. It means I was there before it was ‘cool’ and easily well before anyone knew what the word ‘hipster’ meant. Basically, before the now very popular (and admittedly the ‘actually very cool) Bondi Hipsters.

I was around when our much loved and daily frequented, North Bondi Surf Club looked more like Jabba the Hutt than the $5.6million ‘celebrities and their children’ Surfclub that stands today.


Jabba the Hutt. Original – and best

Oh and the grassy knoll was filled with middle-class families and their Sunday BBQ’s – not some of the world’s most beautiful women and their buffed-up, tattooed boyfriends.

The Bondi Wanker has washed up onto Bondi’s shore to capture everything we ourselves, have thought about the area in an ironic, sarcastic and cleverly offensive way with a short, sharp sentence and a Bondi based photo. He’s bundled it up, thrown it together and BOOM! followers. Or is there more to it than that?

I had to know more about this Bondi Wanker, so I emailed him for an interview. 

He isn’t ready to be named, but here’s what you can know about Bondi’s biggest wanker…..


First things first. Do you live in Bondi and more to the point, are you FROM Bondi?

Yes, I’m lucky enough to say that I’m Eastern suburbs born and bred, currently living in North Bondi/Dover heights. It’s a bit of grey area and a subject of debate between myself and friends, so let’s go with North Bondi!


Is The Bondi Wanker something you just came up with or is it part of a bigger strategy?

The idea for the Bondi Wanker came out of no where really. I was sitting on the couch scrolling through my Instagram feed one Sunday afternoon and thought “look at all these wankers”…. and The Bondi Wanker was born.


Is it just you or are there others involved?

I am the sole Bondi Wanker controller, my girlfriend is the only person who knows, but I’d like the think the entire Eastern Suburbs is involved in one way or another. 


Is the material from your own observations or do you have plenty of local friends serving up the fun?

Solely from my own observations. I’ve always been a big fan of observational humour, and let’s face it, this place and the people who come with it are an endless supply of material.


You’ve managed to collect close to 5000 instagram followers (correct at time of interview) with just 28 posts. Are you shocked at the interest The Bondi Wanker is receiving?

Blown away from the instant following I’ve received, although with each follower comes more responsibility and more pressure.


Can you pinpoint where the interest is coming from? I mean, Bondi locals? Wannabes? … internationally?

It’s definitely a lot of local interest which is great to see as it makes me think that I must be on the mark with my comments. Friends tag friends who tag friends and it doesn’t stop! Always waiting for the biggest celebrities to follow me but it’s a hard one to crack. The biggest name follower I have at the moment is probably local presenter and model Kris Smith. Thanks Kris.


Is there potential for The Bondi Wanker to put its name and cutting humour to other ventures? Is this an interest? If so, in what?

It’s a good question, there have been a few suggestions from my followers but at the moment I’m just trying to keep the content coming and see how big The Bondi Wanker can become.


What can we expect from The Bondi Wanker next?

Probably just another post on my Instagram page to start with *laughs*  and then who knows… the Eastern Suburbs is my oyster.


*”If you think that I’m going to pull over to the side for you on a narrow road, you are sadly mistaken. Not in the Range.” – @TheBondiWanker