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2012: A year in review. 2013: dance, love, sing, live

A few days in and I’m yet to send this viral. I planned on posting December 31st but alas, I was overly ambitious to think that between makeup applications, song plays and friends arriving with champagne (eagerly awaiting the start of 2013 – dubbed by us all as the best yet) I wasn’t able to wait the 20min for my laptop to boot up. Busy enjoying my 2012 finale>>>sending apologies to all.

Completely exhausting, that’s the 2012 summary. A start at most people’s end. Ironically though it has been less a year of action (well, at times) and more a year of reflection, planning and questioning. Many a conversation around a cuppa and a scone (sometimes a whisky and a kebab) has been had with friends making the same conclusions about a topsy turvy year. Dragging in parts and in need of a battery change (I’m also referring to my laptop). Thankfully, I’ve learnt that the changes you most want to see take time, (nothing worthwhile ever came easy right?) so armed with that knowledge I met the year head on. Not always with satisfying results albeit, but definitely with stone laying foundations for what’s to come – and the future is bright indeed.

Feb 2012 saw me in Sydney for my sister’s wedding (a day of perfection) and then back to London for a summer of fun. Jubilee celebrations> I’m still recovering Ms Kerswell! And of course, the Olympics.

A special thank you must go to some very special people in my life who’ve appeared this year out of the blue but nonetheless, right on time. They’ve challenged me mentally, emotionally and every other which way possible –  I’ll be forever grateful to Ms Jules, Juliet, Jenna, Seav, Ashley, Leanne (you’re all terrifyingly exhausting – but hey, that’s the running theme of 2012). Another cheers to 2013….god knows we’ve done a good few already.

To my family, who continue to be my biggest supporters and cheerleaders, thank you, words cannot express my gratitude. Will leave it at that.

On a business note it’s been a year of shifting focus. Less towards a specific role in fashion and more of a general view. of forward thinking. An understanding of what I’ve learnt and the business I’ve built over the last 6 years and how that can be shaped and pieced together to include all my abilities and passions in the coming years. Networking, challenging ideas, creating, changing, building, laughing, experiencing and putting it to action. Many a meeting of content strategy been had, many a social media presentation delivered. Always with growth and new perspectives, how to be bigger and better in 2013?

London and I have been going steady for 6 years now. 6 years ago a 22 year old naive Australian nervously made her way through the Heathrow Customs, completely on her own but happily oblivious to what was to come. Ups, downs, sideways and at times, thrown well clear. Character forming years without question. What on earth is next?

2012 has been a formative year. As I wrote above, less action yes, but in many ways more progress has been made in this last half of 2012 than in any past year. It’s been an incredible year for defining direction. Try and fail > try and try again.

2013 will be the year I become a UK resident and turn 29. With that happening, as well as the shift in work focus and the news of my sister’s pregnancy (2012) threw up new questions for this year. Where does one lay their hat? or in my case, my 40 odd hats>?

The first half of 2013 will be quite a pivotal one for me. March will bring up options I never had before, possibilities I’ve been identifying and creating over the years will come to fruition. I’m ready for the next chapter now. Whatever that might be, I’m ready.

Are you with me?

Always up for the discussion, you can find me over at Farringdon’s Portal Bar, sipping my 2012 cocktail, Stylist And The City.

In a nod to social media, join me on my newly created Facebook page Stylist And The City and reach out to me on Twitter@ANNELOOKSTYLIST

Happy New Year one and all.

Much love,  Anne xox


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